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5th June 2013

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Quickish storyboards. Might do a continuation later.

I was struggling over the end of the story and it came to me in a dream.

Through the story there’s this thing with them inventing the first cellphone that can communicate between the human and monster worlds—there’s only one pair. When Sulley gets stuck in the human world, he’s constantly trying to call Mike, who has the other phone, but one of Mikey’s kids had run off with it and it takes a good portion of the movie before Mike finds it. By that time the cell that Sulley has is just about running out of battery, so they’re getting more and more anxious about it.

Sulley and crisp make it to the university, sulley gets discovered just outside, taken in by animal control, crisp hijacks the truck, madcap chase scene, mike finds the phone, they tell him where they are, he rushes to get them a door in their location, Sulley gets in just in the nick of time. Big complicated talk about how he could’ve gotten the monster world discovered, how that was dangerous and stupid, how he can’t step out, not now when they’re looking for him out there. Sulley realizes he’s missed his chance to see Boo. And then there you go. 

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