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30th March 2013

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imagebunan-tsokolatte replied to your post: OKAY. OKAY YEAH. THIS IS OFFICIALLY “FANFIC THE DLC.”

YES YOU GOT IT. That whole DLC is just Bioware vomiting fanservice all over us and it’s so happy compared to the rest of the game but I don’t even care. Nothing hurts. T_T

LIKE I HAVE THIS FEELING THAT I SHOULD BE DISGUSTED WITH MYSELF OR SOMETHING BUT SERIOUSLY I DON’T CARE. I am sitting here seeing this as “yeah, if we wrote the stories you fangirls want they’d all turn out like this,” and i don’t care it’s hilarious.

It’s like…so I defeated the main part of the dlc, all the stuff with the gunfights, and that was mad cap strange silly adventure enough, with all this hint hint nudge nudge writing and in jokes and hilarious background talk and Wrex being the best asshole on the team, and I thought it was over, but NOPE. TIME TO HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS AND HAVE A PARTY.

And I’m okay with it. I mean, it’s totally out of place and it makes no sense if you try to stick it somewhere within the game’s timeline, but it wasn’t made for that and that’s perfectly fine with me. It’s like “okay this is the last time you’re going to see these characters, we’re moving on. So…you know what, yeah, let’s have some silly stupid stuff, let’s really really push the fact that these guys are your friends or your loved ones, that you care about them and they care about you more than the capacity of ‘you are my comrades’ or ‘it was an honor serving under you.’ Look at them as people you can joke around with, drink with, smack on the back and shoot the shit with.”

and there’s something really nice about that.

SERIOUSLY I SHOULD START A WEBCOMIC TITLED “MASS EFFECT: THE ANIMATED SERIES” AND DRAW OUT SCENARIOS LIKE THIS because that’s what it feels like—it feels like those 90’s tv shows based on much more serious or scary or adult films, where they make the big threat in the source material peripheral and focus instead of stupid silly adventures around the characters you like.

And I can appreciate that. I can acknowledge that it feels like I’m playing a big bowl of sugar, and that it’s so silly that it’s dumb at some points, but I can also enjoy it for that. NOT GUILTY AT ALL.

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