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30th March 2013

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I’m actually finding a lot of this more hilarious than usual because I actually attended a roundtable of game animators not a few days ago where one of the biggest points of discussion was how the principles of animation didn’t really exist in game animation. I mean, as an animator, and probably even if I wasn’t an animator, the limitations of game animation are super obvious, and so is just how dead and stuff a lot of the movements come across. Like, recently, I just kept making fun of Shepard’s walk and stance, with her arms bent out in weird crooks.

So you have all of these scenes which are supposed to be sexy or like…intimate, and I’m struck with “whoops, dead-looking animation!” and it becomes even more hilarious and kind of bizarre. Not to mention some of the REALLY WEIRD camera work that has been in all of the games.

Yes Garrus, lead me in an extremely awkward stiff limbed tango. This will make me fall for you. MORE SHOTS OF SHEPARD’S ASS PLZ. 

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